Why Everyone Should Drink Chai Tea

Why Everyone Should Drink Chai Tea.

Cardamom tea is a spice tea that originated in India. It is made from the crushed seeds of the cardamom plant mixed with hot or boiling water. People from India and the surrounding areas use this tea not only for its aromatic flavors, but also for its many supposed health benefits. Often referred to as chai, this tea is often harder to come by in Western markets.

chai-teaThe cardamom tea on its own has a varied and fragrant flavor. Many describe the tea as being citrusy, floral and sweet. It also has undertones of smokiness and aromatic musk. This exotic flavor makes it a popular choice for mixing with other flavors. In fact, cardamom is never the sole ingredient in this tea. All such tea recipes call for additional ingredients, usually being a tea leaf. Cardamom is most commonly paired with black tea leaves.

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